Polyester/Fiberglass Tape (Class F Plus)


Fiberglass strands are run axially through a flat braided polyester tape to provide extra strength and a thermal overload factor for “Locked-Rotor” and temporary overloads which exceed the softening point of polyester. The softer polyester fibers surround the fiberglass strands to minimize skin irritation and processing problems.

Suggested Coatings:
“CL” Polyurethane, “X” Untreated.

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Part Number Width Inches Thickness Inches Nominal Break Lbs. Standard Put-Up
PGS-0 .250 .022 200 250 yds.
PGS-1 .215 .021 175 250 yds.
PGS-2 .150 .021 130 250 yds.

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0.150in | 3.810mm, 0.215in | 5.461mm, 0.250in | 6.350mm


Polyurethane, Uncoated