Western Filament produces a wide range of technical materials and products for essential applications in the most demanding markets.


Our extensive knowledge of aerospace specifications can help you find the perfect fit for your application.

  • WFI is an approved manufacturer for many of the top OEM’s.
  • AA and BMS specified lacing tapes, cords, twists, sleeving, and yarns.
Brachytherapy Needles<br />
Brachytherapy Needles<br />

Technical Threads & Filaments

We offer a wide range of non-sterile threads and braids.

  • Currently pending ISO13485 certification
  • Materials include mono and multi filaments in a range of colors and finishes.


Automotive applications are very demanding, let us help you find the right technical product to meet your needs.

  • Lacing tapes comprised of nylon, polyester, Nomex, and Teflon.
  • Sleeving, both expandable and static, offered in many synthetic fibers for any automotive application.
Brachytherapy Needles<br />
Brachytherapy Needles<br />

Electric Motors

Electric motors used in aerospace, automotive, appliances, and medical all use our products in their construction.

  • Stator lacing tapes and cords of all sizes and materials.
  • Motor ties, both twisted and braided, available for motors of all sizes.


We have been a leader in the development and manufacturing of fiber-based recreational products for over 70 years.

  • Fishing lines, bow strings and kite strings are just a few examples of the products we can offer.
  • Use our expertise and extensive network of material suppliers to leverage the most sophisticated materials on the market for superior performance.
Brachytherapy Needles<br />

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