Coatings and Finishes

Coatings & Finishes for the A-A-52080 through A-A-52084

Western Filament, Inc. offers a complete line of proprietary coatings and finishes. These coatings improve the knot holding characteristics and the bond between the varnish and yarn. In addition, they prevent snagging, fraying, frizzing and unraveling.

Mil Spec. Finish Designation Western Filament Designation Coating Type Coating Weight Percent
A X Uncoated 0
B W Wax 15-32
C G Synthetic rubber (std) 7-17
R Synthetic rubber for thermal vacuum stability requirement
D D Yarns impregnated with PTFE before braiding 10-20
E A Vinyl chloride 15-30
F S Silicone resin 7-17
G N Liquid nylon 4-14

Other coatings are available for specialized applications. Call your local distributor or the factory direct for engineering assistance.