A-A-52082 – Flat Braided Teflon Lacing Tape


(Formerly MIL-T-43435B Type III)
Lacing Tapes braided with PTFE fluorocarbon yarns. Recommended for hard vacuum/low outgassing applications and is highly resistant to fuels and chemicals. Available either uncoated or with synthetic rubber to improve knot strength properties.

Approximate operating temperature range is -100°F (-73°C) to 450°F (232°C).

Standard color: Natural (dark brown).

Suggested Coatings:
“X” Uncoated (Mil-Spec: A), “G” Synthetic Elastomer (Mil-Spec: C).

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WFI Part Number Mil Spec Size Width Inches +/- 10% Thickness +/- 0.0003″ Min. Break Strength (lbs) Spool Size (yds)
TOF35 2 .120 .011 30 250
TOF15 4 .065 .011 15 500
TOF10 Special .03 10 500

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0.030in | 0.762mm, 0.065in | 1.651mm, 0.120in | 3.048mm


Syn. Elastomer, Uncoated