Kevlar Twisted Cord (Class H)

Kevlar® Twisted Cord (Class H)

A superior class “H” product that combines strength with high heat resistance. This Dupont Kevlar® twisted cord has good abrasion protection and has excellent solvent resistance.

Suggested Coatings:
“CL” Polyurethane, “W” Wax, “X” Untreated.


Part Number Approx. Diameter Inches Nominal Break Lbs. Yield Yds./Lbs. Uncoated Standard Put-Up
KRT-1 .060 250 350 1 lb.
KRT-2 .046 200 542 1 lb.
KRT-3 .030 150 1118 1 lb.
KRT-4 .010 45 3620 1 lb.