A-A-52083 – Flat Braided Teflon Coated Fiberglass Lacing Tape


(Formerly MIL-T-43435B Type IV)
Fiberglass Lacing Tape braided with glass yarns individually coated with PTFE fluorocarbon MIL-Spec D finish prior to braiding. An additional coating must be specified if knot holding or fray resistance is required. Recommended for high temperature and hard vacuum/low outgassing applications.

Approximate operating temperature range is -100°F (-73°C) to 800°F (427°C).

Standard color: White. Black is also available upon request.

Suggested Coatings:
“X” Uncoated (Mil-Spec: A), “W” Wax (Mil-Spec: B), “S” Silicone (Mil-Spec: F), “G” Synthetic Elastomer (Mil-Spec: C), “A” Vinyl Chloride (Mil-Spec: E), “R” Synthetic Rubber (mil-Spec: C), “G/A” Vinyl Chloride over Synthetic Rubber.


WFI Part Number Mil Spec Size Width Inches +/- 10% Thickness +/- 0.0003″ Min. Break Strength (lbs) Spool Size (yds)
LOF275 1 .225 .016 200 250
LOF190 2 .110 .016 100 250
LOF100 3 .085 .016 75 500
LOF60 4 .060 .016 50 500
LOF50 5 .050 .016 500

Additional information


0.050in | 1.270mm, 0.060in | 1.524mm, 0.085in | 2.159mm, 0.110in | 2.794mm, 0.225in | 5.715mm


Silicone, Syn. Elastomer, Teflon